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April 08, 2009

Spring Cleaning (yes, I’m back)

Um, wow. It’s been awhile since I last posted anything!

During my quiet time, I’ve been busy; I’ve had a few web contracts that I worked on at night. I went to work at a cool new company called Primal Fusion as a software developer. You’ll want to check that out!

Things have finally settled down enough that I wanted to do some serious housecleaning on my site. I was getting irritated with the blogging engine I was using (Typo), irritated about the HTML I used for the beachboy theme (it never looked fine on all browsers) and I was yearning to return to the world of static website generators.

So, this site has been redesigned and re-staged. I’ve tried as much as possible to keep the links the same, but if you’ve got a 404 on a page that used to be there, please let me know about it.

The new publishing engine is a ruby-based static site generator called nanoc, which so far I’ve been very pleased with. The system provides me with a solid set of features for building a static site, and was easy to extend with features I’ve wanted to build in.

Take the homepage for example. You’ll see a mashup of my Delicious feed, Twitter feed, and my article feed sorted in order. It was only a few lines of code to build, including caching the feeds.

As per my usual, I’ve returned to a low-key presentation – the intial launch of this site doesn’t even have any javascript!

So if you’ve been subscribed to me, thank you for waiting so long!

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