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February 06, 2007

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

5 things you didn’t know about me.

I’ve been watching this meme float across the web for a few months, never thinking it’d come to me. Then Mike Diehl tagged me. Thanks, Mike. Without further ado:

  1. My first computer was an Atari 800. I was anti-Apple until my parents gave me a Mac Classic for university. One would think that to make me pro-Windows, someone need only give me a Windows machine, but I got too wily by then.
  2. When I was in university, I took to writing poetry. Dreadful, depressing stuff, really. I have no idea how good I was when I stopped writing, mostly because I didn’t share it much, but I’ve got it all collected by date, and boy there was a massive improvement in quality in the 2-3 years I was doing that.
  3. While I have talent in art, I have none in art history. I study 3x longer than other students. They get 79-80. I get 58-62. How do they do it? I’ll never know.
  4. Speaking of art, I was failing at art in Grade 8. Then, in Grade 9, this teacher made me create a B&W collage, and copy it using a pencil, eraser, and a ruler. Once he showed me how it’s done, I spent about 18h working on this thing and walked away with almost 90% and a heretofore undiscovered ‘talent’.
  5. Ok, I must be on an art theme here. Not surprising since I normally talk about web development. My favorite art project, long since destroyed, was a working TV I bought from the University. it’s a big thing, clearly made in the ‘70’s. I painted it with gesso and then drew this lovely garden, full of vines and whatnot. The cool part about the project was that it happened when the Blue Jays were going for their second World Series title, and so, while I was working on this thing, I decided to peel the paint off the glass for the purpose of watching the game. Good times.

Hmm.. who to tag… ok, how about… Justin, Eric, Andy, Douglas, and Chris (and apologies to Chris and you; he’s relaunching his blog at that url, a day later than this post goes live. Good luck, Chris!).

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