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September 27, 2006

Yikes! I Want to Launch a New Open Source Project! Help!

I hadn’t had a lot of time to spare since the last post. Since it’s summer, that means reruns on TV, so my wife convinced me that most of my evenings should be spent with her watching Stargate: SG1 on DVD. I have never watched it before, except for the movie, so I wasn’t sure what to expect really. If the movie was anything to go by, my expectations were pretty low. Anyway, we’re, by this time, up to the first half of Season 7, and I must say that I really, really like it.

But this post isn’t about Stargate, it’s about my project.

I got this gem, see? and I’d like to get it set up on the official lists, so that you can type sudo gem install mygem.gem but I don’t know where the lists are. Or what the secret handshake is. Or something. Have you gotten a Ruby project off the ground? Can you help me please?

_why will finally get an answer to his question about my mystery project. It uses the Camping microframework. It’s useful. I’m pretty happy with it too.

I’m putting some finishing touches on the documentation, and then, answer or no answer, I’ll birth this baby! woo!

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