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July 19, 2006

Typo Instance Updated; Feed Format Change Coming

I’ve just updated my blog to run the latest snapshot of Typo. One of the new features it offers is Atom 1.0 feeds. With that in mind, I plan on switching to offering Atom feeds instead of RSS ones. This should be the last post syndicated as RSS 2.0. I’m going to try and set up my web server to permanently redirect 2.0 feeds to Atom 1.0 – this shouldn’t affect most of you who are already subscribed (I hope)… if you have any war stories to share related to switching feed formats, please share them with me. I don’t want to inconvenience you by making you re-subscribe.

UPDATE: Well, those IRC things are downright handy sometimes. I just discovered that even if I switch my sidebar to offer Atom feeds for subscription, the RSS ones just keep on ticking. Sorry to alarm those of you who subscribed, but if you want to re-subscribe to the Atom feed, then be my guest.

UPDATE 2: Oh, and if you see any weirdness on this site due to the upgrade, please let me know, and I’ll get right on it.

UPDATE 3: the app seems to crash periodically. trying to debug now. sorry for the line noise.

UPDATE 4: I seem to have fixed the crashing issue. Word to the cautious Typo users: If upgrading from 2.6.0, your themes will be incompatible. Please check all your custom code, and compare it against the Scribbish theme or even against the default code in app/views/ before deploying. I’m not sure if I got it all myself, but the 80% that I’ve seen so far is either working correctly or has been fixed now.

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