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March 01, 2006

New theme: Beachboy

I was getting a bit overwhelmed with the color scheme I used to date, so over the past little while, I’ve been working on a complete redesign. The redesign needs a bit more work; I’m using transparent pngs, which require a bit of extra work to display properly in MSIE. I’ll do that tomorrow night. I also hadn’t had a chance to view this in MSIE yet either. You’re welcome to leave feedback here, of course. I’m not expecting any surprises in MSIE. Firefox and Safari looks good though.

If you look at my old site, you’ll see that I used light colors there too. I guess that’s my personal favourite color scheme. Anyway, I hope you like it, because I doubt I’ll change it again for awhile.

UPDATE: Still picking away at it. This is tougher than I anticipated in that I’m seeing problems I’ve never seen before. It doesn’t help that my day today was supposed to be spent fixing MSIE rendering bugs on my work project only to find that a) I had about 2/7 of the day to do the work than I had planned, and b) the amount of fixing I had to do was way more than I originally expected. I hate MSIE’s rendering engine. Widespread version 7 adoption (or Firefox adoption, I don’t care which) can’t come soon enough for me. At any rate, you can see the transparencies now. Next up: getting the menus and icons to work.

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