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February 09, 2006

Lisp: Second Impressions

Well, I feel a bit weird. I learned today that my post started a bit of discussion on the #lisp irc channel, resulting in a brand new irc channel called #cl-gardeners. To those who read this and got that moving: thank you. Get the word out on it; people will turn to it, I’m sure.

I learned a few other important things too, so if you’re a frustrated Lisp newbie, then check this out:

I want to wrap this post up by saying that I dropped by #cl-gardeners to lurk, but I eventually started asking questions about emacs/SLIME. There’s not many people there, but they’re all quite helpful and friendly. The experience reminded me of my first days on #rubyonrails (when there was only 100 people on it), and that’s a good thing.

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